Get reports and metrics on the performance of your sales and customer service teams on WhatsApp

With Optiwe's reports for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, you can visualize historical and real-time metrics on the number of conversations per channel, percentage of conversations handled by chatbots and agents, waiting times for your customers, productivity of your customer service agents, among many other useful metrics to better understand your business and offer a better experience to your customers.


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Reports and metrics

You can visualize historical and real-time information about communication between your customers and your company. <strong>Optiwe</strong> provides you with all the necessary data to optimize your business.

Optiwe reports and metrics view for WhatsApp

Real-time reports and metrics to improve your business productivity

Reports per communication channel

Obtain historical reports of the number of conversations per channel (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Web Chat), filtered by day, month, or year. Visualize the detail of the number of conversations handled by the chatbot, by the customer service agents, and the number of unanswered conversations.

Charts with information per communication channel

Reports by hour, day, month, and year

Visualize the average number of messages you receive per hour throughout the day to understand when you need more sales or customer service personnel.

Charts with information by hour, day, month, and year

Reports on waiting and service times

Obtain real-time information on how many customers are interacting with your company, how long they wait on average before receiving a response, and which customer service agents are online attending to your customers.

Charts with customer waiting times

Customer service agent reports

Visualize reports segmented by customer service agent to understand how many conversations they handle per hour, day, month, or year. Analyze historical information about the activity time of your customer service and sales agents to improve your teams' productivity.

Charts on customer service agent productivity

Chatbot reports

Get insights into which automated responses from your chatbots are helpful for your customers and which ones need improvement. With chatbot reports and metrics, you can understand and analyze how to improve the conversation flow for better results.

Charts on chatbot productivity

Exporting reports to Excel

Export the metrics history to Excel to calculate your own metrics and integrate all the information generated by Optiwe with other Business Intelligence systems such as Tableau.

Exporting report information to Excel

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Omnichannel sales and support

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Use our sales platform on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, your website, and many more channels. We help you create smart chatbots and rules to direct customers to sales agents, offering the best omnichannel experience to all your customers!


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