Increase your sales and better serve your customers with our platform for Whatsapp Business Multiple Users

Serve your customers on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Web LiveChat with our multi-agent and multi-device platform. Have your entire sales and customer support team collaborating online in a Whatsapp Shared Inbox, serving your customers from a single centralized WhatsApp number with Whatsapp Multiple Devices (no device limits). You can monitor in real-time all conversations with your customers and optimize your sales processes.


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Whatsapp Business Multiple Users platform with a single WhatsApp number

With our platform, you can connect your entire sales and customer service team to a single WhatsApp number.

Optiwe's customer service agent view

Multi-agent WhatsApp for your customer service team

Omnichannel chat

Multi-agent customer service on WhatsApp Business, Facebook, Instagram, Web LiveChat

Omnichannel communication between companies and customers

Whatsapp Shared Inbox for your team

Collaborative management with your entire team online, segmented by groups and using a single WhatsApp Business API number

Optiwe's multi-channel inbox

Recommendations and quick responses

Intuitive and familiar system, so your sales representatives can sell effectively with quick responses.

Artificial Intelligence for recommendation of responses

Conversation routing

Routing conversations between customer service agents and work teams

Conversation routing interface between customer service agents

Conversation tags

Categorization of conversations through labels, notes, and search filters.

Optiwe's multi-channel inbox

Multimedia files

Sending and receiving images, audios, PDF files, Excel files, location, contacts, etc.

Multimedia file exchange and audio messaging

Creation of new conversations

Customer service agents can initiate new conversations with your clients and can perform massive shipments with marketing content and promotions.

Creation of new conversations and massive shipments

Multidevice customer service software

Works both on desktop computers and mobile devices, with notifications and alerts for your salespeople.

Support for desktop computers and mobile devices

Real-time agent monitoring

Real-time monitoring to know how your agents are working and the pending conversations that are waiting for an answer.

Reports on how customer service agents work

Conversation history

Conversation history and custom search filters by various parameters such as conversation number, tags, date, and agent name.

Centralized conversation history

WhatsApp Business API

Serve your customers and sell your products without device limits. Your WhatsApp Business API number can be shared among all your agents' mobile devices (Whatsapp Multiple Devices).

WhatsApp Business API to connect your entire team to a single phone number

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Stefano Angeli

CEO at Reba


Noelia Nuñez

Campaign Advisor

Omnichannel sales and support

Communicate on the channels where your customers are looking for you.

Use our sales platform on >WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, your website, and many other channels. We help you create smart chatbots and routing rules to sales agents, to offer the best omnichannel experience to all your customers!


What integrations does Optiwe offer?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does Optiwe offer?


Optiwe is the solution that allows you to sell products and chat with your customers via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and your website. With a few clicks, you can integrate all your digital channels in our platform, automate sales and frequently asked questions from your customers, route conversations to your sales team, and conduct marketing campaigns via WhatsApp. Our solution is easy to use and at the same time includes all the sales tools your business needs. Find more information on our blog about how our tool compares to other companies like Callbell, B2Chat, and Cliengo.

Can I use Optiwe to sell on WhatsApp?


Optiwe allows you to manage conversations with your customers through WhatsApp and sell your products or services in a centralized and organized way. With Optiwe's solution, you can keep your entire sales team collaborating in one place, monitor in real time the conversations that your salespeople have with your customers, and improve the sales and service experience. Your salespeople can use Optiwe from their phones or computers, and you can automatically assign customers to distribute opportunities and commissions among your salespeople.

Can I use Optiwe to assist customers through WhatsApp?


Optiwe has a conversation Whatsapp Shared Inbox (similar to an email account) where your entire customer service team can work collaboratively to resolve all your customers' inquiries. In this Whatsapp Shared Inbox, your customer service team will receive conversations from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Web Chat, and more channels, in a completely centralized and easy-to-use way. With Optiwe's quick and suggested response functionality, your customer service team will work more quickly and achieve a better experience for all your customers.

Can I use Optiwe for Whatsapp Multiple Devices?


With Optiwe, you can connect all your salespeople and customer service agents to a single WhatsApp Business line. Each member of your team can use their email and password to log into Optiwe from their mobile device and start centrally responding to messages that your customers send to your business's WhatsApp Business line. You will never again have to pay for mobile lines and phones for your customer service team, as Optiwe's multi-platform solution can be installed on their personal phones without interfering with the personal WhatsApp of your team members.

Can I use Optiwe for Whatsapp Multiple Devices?


Optiwe allows you to centralize and monitor all the conversations that your sales and customer service team have with your customers. Your customers' information, such as name, phone number, email, and conversations, is securely stored on our platform. You can create conversation tags to follow up with your customers and build your sales funnel. Each conversation is assigned a unique identification number that allows you to correctly track your customers' claims.

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