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May 11, 2022

Optiwe - WhatsApp Chatbots and Multi-Agent

What is BotMaker?

BotMaker is a technology company with offices in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States, whose software allows you to create and manage bots to automate sales, serve customers, and provide internal support. By subscribing to their platform, you can connect bots and multiple customer service agents with your clients.

BotMaker's chatbots are capable of interacting with users to take orders, make purchases, execute transactions, serve customers, schedule appointments, or consume content, among other uses, all through a text or voice conversation.

The great advantages of BotMaker are its support for different communication channels and the inclusion of several work modules. On the other hand, it is a tool to be used by large companies that need to manage large volumes of conversations and customer service with numerous agents, without the possibility of accessing more economical plans tailored to small and medium-sized businesses.

What are the advantages of BotMaker?

It has a chatbot and live chat platform, an artificial intelligence engine, connection with multiple channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, web pages, among others), a real-time dashboard with a reports module, and a marketing engine from which you can send massive campaigns to customers.

WhatsApp Business API Module

Another advantage of BotMaker is that it is an official WhatsApp Business API provider with a long track record in the market. This allows them to create WhatsApp Business API accounts and manage them directly with WhatsApp without intermediaries.

Integration Module

Currently, the platform is available on 19 different channels, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Instagram Messaging, Messenger, Twitter, Website, Mobile App, Amazon Alexa, Phone, Gmail, Google RCS, Google Assistant, Facebook Workplace, Mercado Libre, SMS, Skype, Slack, and Telegram.

Also, the bot design platform is flexible enough to integrate with different payment systems, email delivery systems, and CRMs.

What are the disadvantages of BotMaker?

The main disadvantage of BotMaker is that it is a service focused on large companies. The solutions are designed for high conversation volumes and a large number of agents even in their lowest plan, which translates into a high cost and resources that are probably not used by companies with smaller-scale needs.


On the other hand, unlike other companies, BotMaker charges a commission on top of the official WhatsApp Business API prices (WhatsApp + 20% in processing fees). It is important to remember that WhatsApp Business API prices are public on this link.


Another disadvantage is that if you require technical support through WhatsApp available at all times, you have to pay an additional cost for this service. The initial bot configuration can be complicated, and if your company does not have a technical person who can dedicate time to designing and building the bot, BotMaker can be an expensive solution because you will have to pay for the service of an account manager to help you configure your bot.

¿Cuál es la mejor alternativa a BotMaker?

En el mercado, existen diferentes herramientas de mensajería que pueden ayudar a las empresas a comunicarse mejor con sus clientes. Estas herramientas ayudan a mejorar los procesos de ventas y atención al cliente. Mantener las carteras organizadas, ofrecer una mejor eficacia en el trabajo e integraciones importantes para desarrollar las tareas de forma eficiente.

En este momento, consideramos que la mejor alternativa a BotMaker es Optiwe.

Si deseas probar una herramienta muy completa para equipos de ventas, atención al cliente y call center, te recomendamos que evalues a Optiwe. Es una herramienta simple de configurar que ofrecer los módulos más importantes que tu negocio necesita:

  • Módulo de chatbot con inteligencia artificial para responder preguntas frecuentes y atender a tus clientes 7x24.

  • Módulo de agente de atención para que múltiples agentes de tu empresa puedan interactuar en tiempo real con tus clientes.

Optiwe te ayuda con el diseño de tu bot, te da capacitaciones gratuitas y un soporte 24x7 por WhatsApp incluido en el precio de la licencia sin ningún costo oculto. Optiwe también te traslada el costo de WhatsApp Business API sin costos adicionales, tal cual está publicado en la web oficial de Facebook / Meta.

What is the best alternative to BotMaker?

In the market, there are different messaging tools that can help companies communicate better with their customers. These tools help improve sales and customer service processes, keep portfolios organized, offer better work efficiency, and important integrations to develop tasks efficiently.

At the moment, we consider the best alternative to BotMaker to be Optiwe.

If you want to try a very comprehensive tool for sales teams, customer service, and call centers, we recommend that you evaluate Optiwe. It is a simple-to-configure tool that offers the most important modules your business needs:

  • Chatbot module with artificial intelligence to answer frequently asked questions and attend to your customers 24/7.

  • Agent module for multiple agents of your company to interact in real-time with your customers.

Optiwe helps you design your bot, offers free training, and includes 24/7 WhatsApp support in the license price without any hidden costs. Optiwe also transfers the cost of WhatsApp Business API without additional costs, as published on the official Facebook / Meta website.

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